Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tirukural on War, Defense and Foreign Affairs

New article.

Tirukural on War, Defense and Foreign Affairs by Pathmarajah Nagalingam


Srikanth said...

Dear all,

Thanks for a great article. I would like to point out that verse 589 is notable for its "fault tolerance". The two rules:

1. spies do not know each other
2. Take the majority opinion of the three

ensures that even if one spy turns, the information is still reliable. This can infact be generalized to this tule: to tolerate N traitor-spies, the information needs to be collected from a total of 2N+1 spies that do not know each other.

Anonymous said...

The narration about Vasuki does not add any value to the article. In 21st century, the thought of a man bidding woman might not come off well, especially in an article that talks about War.

Pathma said...

Thanks for the comments guys, which is noted.

This article was written keeping in mind an international, non Indian crowd. Hence the mention of Vasuki to give a background information of the otherside, the spiritual life of Tiruvalluvar.

This article needs to be expanded on with comparative studies with other military strategists like Machiavelli, Zhukov, Napolean, Ho Chi Minh and Patton. I hope someone takes on the job.

Naradar said...

Am a Tamil and a pure South Indian Aiyar.

Tirukural in my opinion is extremist, nationalistic and jingoistic nonsense. Tamil chauvinists from Periyar to that moron Annadurai to imbecile Karunanidhi venerate this literary abortion.

Other than Tamils this work has been dismissed in literary, intellectual and knowledgable circles.